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All Births Final

oh130219Sorry for the late post. Busy doing school signings for Odd Squad in Chicago.  Exhausting, but fun.  Kids are surprisingly tolerant of rambling cartoonists.


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Top 1 SILENT Gift for Children

1.  Benadryl


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Hug, Hug Me Do

No, “too-planned parenthood” is not some veiled comment on Planned Parenthood.

Unless you want it to be.  In which case, go ahead and ascribe whatever political motives you like.

Those of you who see subliminal subversion where it isn’t know you were going to do that anyway.

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Kids: Just In It For the Ice Cream

I love my two daughters.  And I’m sure they love me.  Well,… not sure. How can you be really sure. Who knows? Maybe they secretly despise me.

Maybe they’re bio-engineered robot skeleton invaders and I and millions of other parents have been unwittingly chosen to assimilate them into earth culture so that at a predetermined time they could attack us and rip out our spleens.

But probably not.


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Top 5 Reasons Kids Are Mostly Parent Proof

5.  They bounce.

4.  Selective hearing.

3.  Grandparents.

2.  Idiot retardant

1.  Way, WAY smarter than they look.

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The One with Cartoon Child Abuse

Over the Hedge

This is a rerun.  We’re on vacation again.  Which means we’re not really on vacation (or at least I’m not).  I’m working on RingTales and other stuff.  Because I’m always working.  Because I’M A CARTOONING MACHINE.

Which explains my efficient reuse of a Committed gag in today’s cartoon.

Over the Hedge:  Recycling since 1995.

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