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Warm Fur, Cold Butt

oh140128Heh-heh. The squirrel fell on his butt.



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Baby It’s Pruney Outside

oh140127Repeat week! Though we’re not on vacation. Just catching up to get out from under late fees.  As of right this second we’re on schedule for the first time in, I don’t know, ten years?  Probably longer.

Procrastination: It’s not just inefficient, it’s expensive!

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The Winter of Their Discontent

oh130211It’s been a very mild winter in Central Texas.  I think we’ve gotten below freezing maybe once or twice. Some rain, but not enough.  Not sure I’ve ever reverted back to shorts and flip-flops quite this early.

This week’s Hedges are reruns. I had a hellish last couple of weeks nearly completing Odd Squad Book 2 and needed the some time away from Hedge.  We get two weeks off a year, but it’s never really a week off, just a week to catch up on some other project.

I’ll be polishing the final art on Book 2 over the next few weeks, then move to finish the live-action short, “New Soul,”  I directed back in Dec 2011, then finish prepping a secret holiday project to pitch to publishers, then on to Odd Squad Book 3.

I’m 53 and I’ve never been this busy in my entire career.

I don’t know what that means.


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Introducing the Semi-Portable Electrocution Device


It was not my intent for Hammy to be running toward the hot tub.  My partner T Lewis draws the strip and he’s obviously jealous of Hammy’s fame as has decided to do away with him.

Fortunately for Hammy I clearly wrote that the cord was too short.

Hammy knows who his friends are.



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Hot Tub Seasonal Time Machine

Over the Hedge

I’m pretty sure when I wrote this, I described a snowy winter scene backdrop.  Which would, you know, make sense to contrast the HOT tub from the COLD snow thus underlining the need of the animals to get out of the COLD snow and into the HOT tub.  Somehow it didn’t end up getting drawn that way.  So, imagine a snowy winter scene in the background.   It’s much funnier.

Over the Hedge:  Snowy winter scene not included.

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