WWBD: What Would Bullwinkle Do?

Over the Hedge

Just want to alert everyone to a few upcoming RingTales happenings:

1.  New iPhone Dilbert and New Yorker Cartoon Calendar Aps will be out soon.  Just like the print page-a-day calendars except with an animated cartoon-a-day instead.

2.  We’ll be debuting Pearls Before Swine animations on Babelgum in September.

3.  We’ll be bringing you a Cartoon Masters series of cartoonist interviews with myself, Bob Mankoff (Cartoon Editor of the New Yorker), Stephan Pastis, Mark Tatulli, Paul Gilligan and Richard Thompson.  They’ll also debut on Babelgum in September.

4.  And we’ll be debuting our first original property, “Cat, Dog, Stoop” by Issac Littlejohn Eddy.   Issac is a New Yorker cartoonist and a Blue Man.  That is, he is a man who paints himself blue to become part of the NYC production of The Blue Man Group — in case it wasn’t clear.   “Cat, Dog, Stoop” will also debut in September exclusively on Babelgum.com.


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