Why There Wasn’t an Over the Hedge Sequel

Over the Hedge

This is classic Loony Toons stuff.   Hedge would make a great TV show along these lines.  But that’s DreamWorks call, not mine.  You’d think a movie that made $336 million worldwide would warrant a second glance.  Here’s why it doesn’t…

The Over the Hedge film cost about $100 million to make (with allocated overhead included).   Add about $70 million to market and advertise.   That’s $200 million.   Now the studio only gets about half of theater receipts.   That’s about $170 million.  So we’re at break even.  Now subtract a 15% fee to Paramount for distributing the film and we’re about $25 million in the hole.  DVD’s and merchandising bring in about $75 million to the studio.  So, in the end the film nets about $50 million.   Not bad.  But it’s not the $300-$400 million that Shrek netted.

Now let’s say you want to make Hedge II.   First off, you have to actually pay the actors this time.  They did the first one for a fraction of their usual rates with the hope that there would be a sequel and they could cash in.   That adds about $20 million to the budget.   Now your margin is pretty slim.   If the second film doesn’t perform as well as the first you could actually lose money.  So, when you have the choice of doing Madagascar III (Mad II nets $200 million) and Hedge II, that’s no choice at all.

Combine this with the fact that DWA is a small studio that makes 2 to 3 movie per year and the choice becomes even easier.  A larger studio could make Hedge II and amortize the potiential risk across 20-30 movies instead of just 3.  This is why Sony made Open Season II, after Open Season I made less than half what Hedge made worldwide.

In the end, the only hope for Hedge II or a Hedge TV show is if DWA is bought by a large studio.   Which will happen eventually.  Eventually being defined as a long, long time.

And that was way more than you wanted to know about film financing.



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41 responses to “Why There Wasn’t an Over the Hedge Sequel

  1. SaraCVT

    All I know is that everyone–and I mean the loudest everyones who are about three feet tall–want a second Hedge film very badly and expect me to produce it on request. So step up, Dreamworks!

  2. alyeska39

    There was an Open Season II? Lol.

  3. SaraCVT

    alyeska39: Yes, there was. I know this, because I have twin 7-year-olds. We have every animated movie ever produced. Some of them really suck, too.

  4. alyeska39

    SaraCVT: That is just wonderful. Remind me never to watch it.

    It’s like how I fairly recently discovered that there’s a *reason* I never watch my copy of Swan Princess. I sat down one day to watch it with my roommate, when I realized that I never watched it (even when I was a kid I knew it was stupid). Yeeeah… she walked out on it.

  5. Christine

    But but…. I want more Hammy!!!! ::hissy fit hissy fit::

  6. JAS

    I would pay serious money to see an OTH film where Sylvester the Cat keeps appearing in cameo shots, telling Verne that there’s a “Really Big Mouse” and every time Verne drives himself crazy by trying to explain that it isn’t possible (using The Physics Of Mouse Size Limits, of course).

    Looney Toons and Over The Hedge = win win…

    (and WAAAAH! I wanna ‘nother Hedge movie! *sniff*)

  7. Michael Fry

    Correction. Paramounts Distribution fee is only 8%. So the first film netted a little over $60 million. Better, but still not enough to justify a sequel.

  8. Anonymous

    I hope they make over the hedge 2. The first one was a great movie…

  9. Megz151

    I’m 18 and would love to see an OTH 2 film Being made 🙂 Madagascar, for me, was boring… And shrek???… I loved the first and second, but the third and forth… What a waste of time they were! your never to old for animation films, and alot of them now, have quiet a bit of adult humor in them (obviously not too much). Apart from animated films, I am a big fan of horror movies! Over the hedge was and still is a great film 🙂

  10. Evan

    Personally, I hope they wait. Although, that’s purely selfish of me, as I’m an amateur 3D artist who wants to go professional, and as Over the Hedge is one of my all-time faves, I would love to work on it.

  11. While I did not see “Hedge” in theaters, it’s by far my favorite Dreamworks animation film. It’s a shame that we’re on a 3rd Madagascar and 4.5 Shrek films, but no return to the Hedge.
    While the film might not have done gangbusters the first go-around, I think it likely has developed enough of a following since that a sequel would sell more tickets.

  12. Anonymous

    I have to say that I’d absolutely LOVE an over the hedge 2 it is one of my fav all-timers! I seriously hope they do but it’s looking bleaker as time passes by… O well…

  13. dylan

    I know this post is pretty old but I wish they’d make a second hedge film. Without bombing it of course. Over the hedge is just so fun to watc.

  14. tracy

    34 years old and loved over the hedge. We need a sequel!

  15. Brianna(:

    I remember I watched Over the Hedge every night for about 3 months consecutively when it came out when i was ten , hoping it would have a sequel one day. I’m now going on 18 and it has yet to pass and I’m quite disappointed 😦 The movie was nicely crafted and brought my favorite childhood comic to life in a way that was out of my wildest dreams (: Out of all the dreamworks movies its the only one that i can watch over and over again and it feels like I’m watching it for the first time (: I mean like even today I was at Walmart with my other teenage friends and we saw DVD and my friend started flipping out about it and got all excited so at least its not forgotten, right? 🙂 But I hope this isnt the end for these adorable creatures to appear again on a screen because i might just die if it doesn’t (: At least I still have the comic to keep me from losing my sanity lol ;D I need a daily dose of Hedge! XP<3

  16. Thank you so much. I do think someday there will be a sequel. But not before DWA is bought by a larger media company. Right now, the financial risk for a studio putting out only 3 movies/year is just too high. They need HUGE hits to support sequels. Hedge did very well, but not Shrek, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon well. Thanks again.

  17. I’m sorry, but your math is all wrong. Over The Hedge cost only $80 million, not one hundred million. The Print and Advertisement cost was $62 millon, not seventy million. Also they’ve made much more than $75 million from DVD and merchandising sales.

  18. Curious where you get your very specific info. The $80 vs. $100 depends on whether you include allocated salary for all DWA employees involved with the film. I estimated P&A based on the rule of thumb that it usually equals production cost. They’ve sold around 18 million DVD’s. DWA gets about $4 t0 $5 per DVD. And I know exactly how much merch was since I got a small percentage. $75 million for DVD and merch is in the ballpark.

  19. Anonymous

    DreamWorks should just save up their money so they can make a sequel to Over The Hedge. I mean they could just be patient instead of making awful movies like Turbo or Shrek Forever After. And they even waste their money on a Madagascar spin-off. Spin-off meaning non-canon. A spin-off that has no effect on the series of Madagascar what so ever. They should just make the sequel because it’s what many fans want.

  20. Anonymous

    Didn’t Dreamworks get bought by 20th Century Fox?
    Maybe there’s still a chance for Over the Hedge 2…

  21. DWA didn’t get bought as far as I know.

  22. Hammy#1

    OTH is the best film ever so the haters can get lost

  23. Seth

    The $80 million in the budget includes allocated salary for DWA employees!

  24. Ya know…my 3 year old daughter (omg, but she she was just born!!), well she insisted that we watch Frozen over and over and over again until Sven (who was last seen just before the Fall open season), was unable to play the role. Well I decided Snow White, Sleeping Beauty & Cinderella were also great stories that my hummingbird would love and she did….equally to the point where I was singing Bipeddi-Bopoddi-Boo from watching it so much. Then I found OTH and these days when she comes to visit, it’s all about Hedge and burping our ABPlz come out with OTH 2!! It doesn’t have to cost $100M to produce, I’m sure I speak for a million kids when I say 2D makes us laugh just as much as 3D, or RenderMan image interface would. OhOhOhOhOhOh….Yes Hammy….You can still make your millions too, this time with little overhead

  25. FileNotFound

    Just watched this film again this evening, probably the third or fourth time now since I saw it in a theatre on release day. It’s a really memorable movie for me as I happened to be in the US at the time (I live in England), and went to see it with my girlfriend. This movie just radiates fun and happiness for me. It’s because of this attachment that I’m kind of glad they didn’t make a second one; the first was just so perfect, I don’t think a sequel could ever capture the same essence. I would definitely go to the cinema to watch it, though!

  26. sandesh parab

    if release there sequel so i watch it

  27. Thanks for the explanation! This was the best answer I could find. 😊

  28. Thank you for the quick explanation!!

  29. It’s never going to happen any time soon. If it does then we would have all ready seen the sign on IMDB. So sorry. The best we can do is try to make a good sequel on Fan Fiction.

  30. Anonymous

    Io ho guardato a 3 anni over the hedge dopo un po di anni mi sono detto
    che un bel seguito ci starebbe proprio bene dopo che e uscito hammy boomerang adventure ho capito che non basta un mini spin -off su hammy un seguito e una cosa e un mini spin- off e un altra cosa tuttavia mi e stato detto che una decisione non ufficiale potrebbe finalmente ( dopo secoli ) portare alla realizzazione dell attesissimo over the hedge 2 se non lo dovessero fare ………………….. LO FAREMO NOI ! E finalmente avremmo l`amato si quel

  31. tiziano ferrigno

    Voglio anch’io un sequel

  32. Lancer226

    I haven’t seen “Over The Hedge” since the Los Angeles Times dropped it or the release of the last strip collection “Stuffed Animals,” whichever was later. I’m pleaseantly surprised to see it apparently thriving online. How do I catch up with the last several (?) years of the strip since then without having to page through screen after screen? Have there been any collections since “Stuffed Animals,” either online or book form?

  33. Jacob

    Doespecially anyone have any hope for a squeal over the hedge 2 in the 2018 -2019 year

  34. Buttbag

    I don’t think so. Maybe somewhere in the 2020s. We can dream.

  35. Kelly

    I can’t comprehend why the original “Over the hedge” didn’t become a box office smash! It’s one of my most favorite anitimated movies I’ve ever seen!

    I would love to see a sequel!

  36. Harvin

    lol only2017 comment

  37. Honey Grammy

    My seven year old grandson and I (a young 72) both want to see OverTheHedge 2. PLEASE I don’t have that many years left to wait for it. Please Dreadworks pick this sequel up as a project. So many people love it.

  38. Honey Grammy

    Oh no. Big spelling error! What to do? Dreamworks I would never call you Dreadworks! Never! Don’t know how I made that mistake. So sorry!

  39. misbah

    i love dreamworks movies and that’s why I WANT A SECOND OVER THE HEDGE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know that there is upcoming dreamworks/disney/pixar sequels like wreck-it ralph it’s disney and the incredibles 2 its disney and pixar and how to train your dragon 3 and MORE UPCOMING SEQUELS IN 2018 2019 2020 AND 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t WAIT!!! i hope they make to every movie a sequel are i will RIP THEM INTO PIECES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am not joking’ i really mean IT!! CAN’T WAIT SO EXITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I figure it’s going to be a Blade Runner situation where the sequel comes out several decades later with the descendants of the original cast facing off against smart homes, self-driving cars, and homicidal robo-vacuums!

    Somewhere there needs to be a Jedi-spirit appearance from Verne, RJ, and Hammy. Hammy might even appear in-person via Red Bull induced time travel, with a message from Verne and to check on RJ’s twinky reserve.

  41. Well, I just hope I live to see a sequel (I just turned 60).

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