The Vanishing Suburban Silos of Snack

Over the Hedge

Apologies for the late post today.  Lots going on today to distract me from appointed blogging rounds.

Also apologies for Hammy’s line, “…before it can breed.”  Hammy can’t know about breeding.  He’s too innocent.  I sacrificed character for a gag.   Which is one of the few sins that’s actually a sin.

Sorry. It’s been a long day.


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One response to “The Vanishing Suburban Silos of Snack

  1. Actually, I think an apt retrospective explanation is that Hammy has heard the expression ‘Kill it before it can breed’ somewhere, possibly from RJ, or eavesdropping on some hapless gardeners. He could then know the context in which the expression could be used, but not need to know what ‘breeding’ means. (Summoning an army of dragonflies to take over the world, perhaps?)

    Not sure how this’ll go over in the confessional, but it’s a thought…

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