Probing Suburbia

Over the Hedge

I think UFO’s are real.  I mean, maybe they’re not aliens, but there’s something going on.  Too many unexplained sightings.  What I don’t get is why the sightings are all so similar.  No one ever sees a a flying spatula or a blinking artichoke.  It’s always a saucer or cigar shaped (aliens have penis envy?) or a row of blinking lights.

Here’s my theory.  UFO’s are inter-dimensional or alternate-universe voyeurs.   They zip in to check out the human zoo, get bored quickly and zip out.  I said it’s a theory.

It’s either that or like one of my favorite Far Side cartoons, they’re here to pick up their buddies:



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2 responses to “Probing Suburbia

  1. Skippy

    If you think about it, technically, anything that’s flying and you can’t identify is an Unidentified Flying Object. Or as Ringo called it an unidentified flying cupcake.

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