Sunset 1.0

If the universe is really an elaborate simulation set in motion by a hands-off creator,  then I’m okay with however he, she or it set the original preferences.*

I just wish he she or it had taped a sign over the master panel that says, “Do No Touch.”

*Except for not checking, SAVE HISTORY.



Filed under Comic Commentary

2 responses to “Sunset 1.0

  1. “Sorry, you see, I sort of lost the remote control…”

  2. Rick

    I was just reading something the other day dealing with the “elaborate simulation” idea. There’s a relatively new theory that suggests reality as we know it is projected as a kind of multi-dimensional reflection of another universe, including us. It’s an interesting take on the many universes theory, but I don’t know if the idea is really sound. It has a kind of pipe dream feel to it.

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