Time Lord Hammy

This isn’t exactly what I wrote, but I guess it works okay.   T just hates to draw this sort of cross panel time bendy kind of thing.  I don’t care.  It’s fun.  And strange.  And maybe doesn’t quite make sense.

Over the Hedge:  Two artists annoying each other for your amusement since 1995.

(Oo!  Speaking of Time Lords…  Dr. Who’s Karen Gilliam is on Craig Ferguson tonight (I’ve got a creepy old guy crush on her).  And Dr. Who himself Matt Smith is on Craig Ferguson on Friday.  And Craig Ferguson is on every night.  But you already knew that.)



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4 responses to “Time Lord Hammy

  1. And how had you imagined it?

  2. wilbur

    DVR’d Craig and saw Karen. Good interview. Nothing wrong with crossing time and space barriers. It is all good.

  3. Funny, I just wrote a blog about time travel and the scientists in Hong Kong who say it’s not possible….I think they either a) need a TARDIS or b) need the Enterprise and a star… and Mr. Spock and Scotty….

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