Mashed Up Calvin & Hobbes

John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes

For 20 more way cool Calvin & Hobbes Mash Ups go to



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3 responses to “Mashed Up Calvin & Hobbes

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  2. Rick

    I read a long time ago that Watterson didn’t much care for fame. I wonder how he’s getting on now, what with the public’s continued love of Calvin & Hobbes.

  3. Craig aka oneswellfoop

    I posted something like this at just a year ago, with several examples not on this list.

    and somebody else did another post with more stuff six months later.

    And before all that, I myself photoshopped up a C&H/Garfield mashup for the mutant webcomic “Square Root of Minus Garfield”

    I hope we never run out of ways to reinterpret this classic (but it’ll all never be as good as the original).

    (I hope your blog doesn’t assume all these links are comment spam)

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