The One With Me Resting On My Laurels

Yeah, that’s pretty much me in my daily work position.  Except…

I’m about 25 pounds thinner.  I have a beard.  I don’t wear a watch and I haven’t worn shorts that short since 1979.

Oh, and I don’t rest on my laurels.  I keep them in a display case, next to my Nolan Ryan signed baseball and my Titlest NXT hole-in-one ball.

And I drink decaf coffee (three sugars), not soda.

Other than all that, it’s exactly like me.


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2 responses to “The One With Me Resting On My Laurels

  1. Rick

    So, a human RJ, is what you’re saying?

  2. Craig L

    (1) I assumed that the caricature wasn’t of you, it was of T.
    (2) The comedically inclined do not just rest on their laurels,they rest on their laurel and hardys.
    (3) I envy you your Nolan Ryan signed baseball. I was a contrarian baseball fan when he pitched for the Angels in LA, and he was the only thing the team had going for it. I thank him for keeping me away from the Dodgers.

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