Oh Happy Bidet

Please continue to check out the running comments at gocomics.com.  Nice civil discussion.   Perhaps the trolls have run off down the low road.

Every time we do politics we catch a bunch of flack that Hedge is not a political strip and how dare we ruin your Lucky Charms and V8 with our pinko-lefty drivel.   And to that I reply:


First off, we’ve always done politics – just not all the time.   Second off, politics is a part of life and I think Hedge has been pretty consistent in commenting on life.   Third off,…



Blog views go UP.  Gocomics subscriptions go UP.  Twitter followers go up.  Facebook friends go UP.  Comments, here and at gocomics go UP!  Way up!

So, if I’m an observant and opportunistic capitalist (which I unabashedly am dear Repubs) shouldn’t I give you more of what you so obviously want?

Guns or Butter?  Hammy or Hogs?

Be careful what you want.  You just may get a lot more of it.



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5 responses to “Oh Happy Bidet

  1. Michelle A

    I’m a far leftist myself, but I personally preferred the headmice week!!

  2. Skippy

    I’m for anarchy, and anything that makes fun of politics.

  3. Shytimes2

    It has been very entertaining, but you always are!

  4. wilbur

    Oh Lordi I am a Born again old liberal from Ohio and i enjoy how you give the repubs a kick in the patoot. They deserve every thing that they recieve.

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