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The Grinch Who Stole the First Christmas

This was a good idea, that was clearly too complicated to pull off.

Although, I do deserve props for rhyming infant and lenient.

Maybe if I’d suggested to T that Hammy wear Max tie-on antlers it could have been saved.

Probably not.

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The One Without Frosty the Wise Man

I have it on high authority (someone on Twitter) that Santa is dressed as the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Either that or Santa has some cross-dressing issues.


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The One With Jesus the Red-Nosed Savior

I see T placed Frosty the Wiseman in there.  But Santa in a tutu? Is it Santa “The Nutcracker” Claus?   Swan Santa?

I’ll ask T and get back to you.  Warning:  it may take awhile.  All my emails to him end up in his spam folder.   Which is why we run so close to deadline.

It’s all T’s fault.  I can’t be blamed.


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The Tree That Hides Stuff

Nice work by T today.  Dialogue is overrated.

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Top 5 Over the Hedge Onamonapias

5:  FOOM!:  the sound of zombie leaves being nuked.

4:  SMUCK!:  the sound of a soggy Twinkie colliding with Verne’s head.

3:  TWOOP!:  the sound of a nut exiting Hammy’s ear.

2:  SQUEEEP!:  the sound of RJ finding half a Sarah Lee pound cake in the trash.

1:  ARGHHHPHT!:  the sound of Verne discovering he has a “Mock Me” sign taped to his back.


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Only You Can Prevent a Flaming Zombie Leaf Extermination

I think the mouse may be a smoker.  Or a pyromaniac.  Or maybe he’s just always prepared.

When I figure it out, you’ll be the first to know.

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Zombie Leaves vs. The Strategic Twinkie Reserve

For the 99.9% of you who aren’t obsessed with Over the Hedge, RJ keeps a Strategic Twinkie Reserve.  We’re not sure, but it’s rumored to be an underground facility guarded by ninja mice and warepoodles.

So, as you enjoy your turkey and stuffing today please give thanks to one enterprising racoon among us who is farsighted enough to ensure a Twinkie fueled future.

Not that he’d share any of it with us.


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