Occupy Suburbia: Mope and Change

I’m a bit confused by Occupy Wall Street.  Maybe someone out there can help me.

I was watching Morning Joe this morning and the editor of Rolling Stone was promoting a piece on OWS.  He explained that OWS essentially had no specific demands.  In fact, they have no plans to ever have any demands.  OWS sees itself as a loose collection of various groups representing an emotion (i.e. anger).

How is that different from a mob?

Don’t get me wrong here.  I’m very sympathetic to their anger over income inequality.  But anger isn’t going to change anything.  Voting, legislation, governance change things.   Sitting in a park, waving signs with no stated specific goal doesn’t solve anything.

Sure, you’ve changed the conversation.   You’ve got our attention.  But, now what?

I’m no fan of the Tea Party, but they changed the conversation, got our attention and went out and voted a lot of good people out of office.   The Tea Party was effective.

Here’s a suggestion.   Try to come together on one simple idea.   I suggest campaign finance reform. CFR feels like the biggest bang for the buck.   Limit campaign contributions to $50 for EVERYONE.  Hard money and soft.





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3 responses to “Occupy Suburbia: Mope and Change

  1. I think their one simple idea should be to put their tents away and take a shower.

  2. James

    The Campaign Finance Reform idea is already happening, and it is using OWS as a vehicle (http://www.wolf-pac.com/).

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