The One With Jesus the Red-Nosed Savior

I see T placed Frosty the Wiseman in there.  But Santa in a tutu? Is it Santa “The Nutcracker” Claus?   Swan Santa?

I’ll ask T and get back to you.  Warning:  it may take awhile.  All my emails to him end up in his spam folder.   Which is why we run so close to deadline.

It’s all T’s fault.  I can’t be blamed.



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3 responses to “The One With Jesus the Red-Nosed Savior

  1. Marlo Gayle

    Dangit, now I’ve got an earworm.
    Jesus the Red-Nosed Savior
    had a very shiny nose,
    and if you ever saw it
    you could say it glows.

    All of the other saviors
    used to laugh, and call him names.
    They never let poor Jesus
    join in any savior games.

    Then one foggy Christmas Eve
    Yahweh came to say,
    “Jesus, with your nose so bright,
    won’t you be my son tonight!”

    Then all the saviors loved Him
    as they shouted out with glee.

    Jesus the Red-Nosed Savior,
    You’ll go down in history.

  2. marc

    So on the nose. We make decorative reindeer faces out of the woody
    leftover parts of palm fronds. This year tried to graft the light-up nose
    from a decrepit Rudolph animated animal, and it worked, and then it
    didn´t …. dead battery, or some other electronic elf mischief.
    This cartoon today hit a home run all the way to the hammock —
    the cradle, as it were, of suburbia.

  3. Sherree Doss

    I was so sorry that you chose to use the name of Jesus Christ in such a
    derogatory manner. I have enjoyed your strip very much. I had read it
    very quickly and stopped when I read my Saviour’s name. Then I thought,
    I should go back and read it thoroughly before I make an opinion, so I did.
    I believe in Jesus Christ and that He is the reason I will be in heaven. I pray
    that one day (before you leave this earth) that you will know this too.

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