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Top 5 Things That Are Always Way More Fun With Jazz Hands

5.  Republican Presidential Debates

4.  Occupying Wall Street

3.  Bailing out Greece and Italy

2.  Planking.

1.  Sex



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The One With Hagar the Horrible Snorer

Actually, Hagar has sleep apnea.  We’re all very concerned.   Helga has tried to get him to see a doctor, but you know Vikings.  They’ll travel to Greenland, discover a new world and get massacred by Native Greenlandians (Greenlanders?) before they’ll see an ear, nose and throat guy.

Stupid Vikings.


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Deus Ex Cartoonist

Yeah, I know…  Deus Ex Cartoonist sort of means God out of the Cartoonist.  Which could be painful depending on what form God takes.

Like, say, a burning bush.


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Google Your Nuts

Today’s cartoon is a repeat from 2009.  But new to the blog.

Fine work by T.   I like how when Hammy yanks his tail, his head pops open.

Also nice Hedge mention today on our Occupy Suburbia storyline in Linda Stamato’s column on 

Have a great rest of your Sunday.

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Zombie Leaves: Better Than Terra Nova

Terra Nova’s not awful.  It’s just dumb downed sci-fi.

The Jurassic Dawson’s Creek teenage angst stuff feels like a Fox executive’s note.  The Avatar actor who plays the leader is such a cartoon.

But I have to admit the Sixer subplot is intriguing.  Keeps me watching.

One question:  did they ever explain why being in the past isn’t changing the future?  Are they on a different time line or something?


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The Wafting Dead

Sometimes I like to imagine someone coming to Over the Hedge for the very first time and reading a cartoon like today’s.

I imagine most scratch their head in confusion and mutter something about the sad state of decline of one of America’s greatest art forms.  But a select few smile and say, “I’m home.” To you  I say…

Welcome.  Wipe your feet.  The beer in the fridge is mine.  And don’t mind Hammy hugging your leg.  He really doesn’t like in that way.  He just likes to hug.



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Disney-Hyperion Picks Up The Safety Patrol

Yesterday I (actually my agent Dan) closed a two book deal for my new middle-school illustrated novel series, “Safety Patrol,” with Disney-Hyperion.   It’s about three misfit 8th graders who suffer peer allergies.  Nick, Molly and Karl are forced to band together in the lamest club in school:  The Safety Patrol.  With the help of janitor/mentor/possible ex-spy Mr. Dupree, they attempt to keep the school safe from bullies, a busy-body counselor and jell0-meat.

Sort of Mission Impossible for kids.

Tentatively scheduled for Spring/Fall 2013.



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