Sugar Induced Naughtiness

Kids  do bounce.  Not high.  You have to really pay attention to see it,… but they do bounce.

There may be a broken limb or three.  Or a mild to moderate concussion, but they do bounce.  Therapy, both physical and psychological, may be required, but they do bounce.

Later in life, they may overreact to their having bounced by making their own kids live in a hermetically sealed bounce resistant padded bubble.

But they do bounce.

They do.

And that’s my revisionist-history-parenting-story and I’m sticking to it.



Filed under Comic Commentary

2 responses to “Sugar Induced Naughtiness

  1. Yes, kids do bounce. But as Mythbusters proved the other day, so do cannonballs.

  2. James Riendeau

    Thanks to an abundance of cartilage, yes they do bounce. But you should probably refrain from bouncing them off the walls with “super sugar bombs”. Child services seem to be able to take away your kids for the silliest reasons these days.

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