4 > A Thousand Million Eleventy-Seven

It’s all downhill after 4.



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3 responses to “4 > A Thousand Million Eleventy-Seven

  1. oneswellfoop

    I have been dealing with the weird way comic strips handle the aging – or not aging – of its characters since I was, well, 4, and I still don’t understand.

    In Peanuts, how did Rerun get born and grow old enough to talk while his older brother and sister, Linus and Lucy, never aged a day?

    I understand having character age more slowly than in real time because, hey, you only have a 3-4 panels a day and a story that happened all in one day may take a week or longer. But let’s be consistent, people – Baby Blues added two more babies as the first one grew; now everyone’s frozen in time, Simpsons style. (Don’t think I haven’t noticed.)

    But does this revelation about Verne aging while Hammy stays the same age (it has something to do with that Hammy/Sammy mirror thing, doesn’t it?) mean that in a few years, you’ll be making T. add more wrinkles to Verne’s face?

  2. Steve Bryant

    Mr. Fry,

    You got that right..!

  3. @oneswellfoop: I think all the character ages are set. Verne is already A Thousand Million Eleventy-Seven years old, so in A Thousand Million Eleventy-Seven years, he won’t have aged either.

    Hopefully the creators are still making the strip by then 😉

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