Food at Play

Olympic Chip Diving Judges Scorecards:

9.7:  U.S. Judge

9.5:  Latvian Judge

9.3:  Chinese Judge

10.0:  Belize Judge

9.6:  Canadian Judge

8.3:  East German Judge

11.0:  Mole People from the Center of the Earth Judge


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2 responses to “Food at Play

  1. oneswellfoop

    Technically, that’s not Chip Diving, since Pringles in the tube are technically “Potato Crisps” (not to be confused with the UK where all Chips are Crisps and Fries are Chips and all Doctors are Who). True Chip Diving, whether using Potato Chips or Tortilla Chips, is a degree of difficulty higher, due to the inevitable chaotic scattering when the bag is breached. There has only been one perfect score in True Chip Diving and that record is asterisked (*) due to unresolved accusations of doping with large quantities of Mountain Dew.

  2. Garfieldh2 Codename: Lasagna

    You and T need to have one week where the gang actually meets these mole people. That’d be awesome, and a good inside joke.

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