Spud of Evil

This isn’t exactly what I wrote, but it’s close:

Hammy stands about the same distance as he is tall from the chip.
2 parts.  Top middle and bottom:
Top:  Hammy falls forward to eat the chip (mouth open)
Bottom:  Hammy hits the edge of the chip  which sends it flipping backward over. 
Bottom:  Chip stays in foreground as Hammy starts rolls away down a hill screaming.

Chip:   Giggle. 
Same POV as third panel.  Chip still where it was.  RJ and Verne.  RJ holds his foot up, inspect it.  Hammy further away. bouncing in the distance,  screaming.  

RJ:  I just cut my foot on a chip

V:  They use way too many preservatives these days. 


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