Wham Bam Ham Can Jam

Hammy’s going to be fine. Seriously, he’s the main character. We’re not that stupid. Except for Game of Thrones who kills off their main character?

Not us, that’s who.

Have I mentioned how much I admire Game of Thrones?



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3 responses to “Wham Bam Ham Can Jam

  1. Librarian

    I was so happy when Sean Bean was cast in Game of Thrones. Then I found out he’d be playing Ned Stark . . .

  2. Spoilers!!!

    Nah, I’ve seen it, but that’s risky 😉

  3. From another perspective Hammy’s predicament is so frighteningly close to reality. Animals die every day form our cast off technology. Examples that come to mind are the seagull with its head caught in a plastic six-pack wrapper, the sea turtle with fish hooks in it mouth, the whale caught up in a fishing net and slowly drowning. Need I say more! Who cares if we slaughter each other its the collateral damage to the innocents that’s so sad!

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