Whales: You Can’t Eat Just One

An average beluga whale weighing 3000 lbs. contains 5,050,000 calories.*

And now you know.

*Beluga’s are 40% blubber at 3900 calories per pound.  I figured 25% is whale meat at 496 calories per pound. The rest I figured is indigestible (bones, tendons, ligaments, teeth, etc.).




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2 responses to “Whales: You Can’t Eat Just One

  1. Mr. Fry,
    Check you facts on whales and gaint squids. I believe Jock Hamme’ will be interested to find that its the Sperm whale (much much larger then a Beluga) that eats the gaint squid!

  2. Rick

    Y’know Fry, this is why I read your blog. Practical information for the everyman.

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