Audience I Am

We’re gettin’ all Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy/Star Wars/Twilight Zone up in this thing.  I guess I’m succumbing to the fact that our average reader is a 50-going-on-12 semi-geek who likes to imagine a parallel alternate universe where he can read/write minds, shoot flaming plasma death stars out his eyes and basically get all nerd-ninja on some Weeping Angel ass.

I have met the audience and it is me.



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3 responses to “Audience I Am

  1. swordwhale

    ummmmm… yeah…. you read my mind…. um, yeah, 56 going on 12…

    I was the middle aged redheaded chick in the Wally World toy dept buying the Nerf Mjolnir…. (useful for throwing in those CSI moments (can’t stand idiots), it has actual Norse runes around the hammer’s head that read, more or less …he…woh (who???) …weoelds (wields?)… t(th)hes (this)… hf (should be a, used wrong rune)ammer… kommands… the… lsghthning (lightning) …f(a) nd…sthorm (storm)… perhaps Elder Futhark by way of Chinese…

  2. swordwhale

    typist I am not… above comment, read, should have: my mind, read you have…

  3. Shytimes2

    Hey! I’m 65- does that make me an ABOVE average reader?

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