Thank you, Bob

Do you ever wonder about the first person who said, “Check out this milk I stored in a cow’s stomach.  It’s all clumpy. I think I’ll separate the clumpy parts from the watery parts, add some salt, press the result into a mold and let it sit for a few days, weeks, months or years and then eat it.”?

It’s probably the same person who said, “I’ll let this barely germinate a little, but not too much, then roll it a little, but not too much, then soak the rolled barely in hot water to release the sugars, then add some hops for flavor and boil the result for a little while, but not too long, then cool what’s left  a little, but not too much, then add yeast, then let sit for a few weeks, but not too many, then filter the result and drink it (a little, but not too much).

I’m going to say his name was Bob.

Thank you, Bob.





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7 responses to “Thank you, Bob

  1. Don’t forget about the guy, who rather than drink the result, boiled it again to separate the components but only kept one while the other steamed off, and let that sit for a few years before he drank it.

  2. Or the guy (gal?) who thought “we’re out of apples to make pie with, so I guess I’ll Ritz Crackers instead!”

  3. Garfieldh2 Codename: Lasagna

    Bob was a brave man.

  4. Vincent

    I often wonder about the person who so badly wanted to eat olives that they figured out how to make them not poisonous. I wonder how many tries that took.

  5. bob

    you’re welcome!

  6. boB

    I barely understood this. Would Bob have been dealing with barley?

  7. Sam

    His name is Charlie Mops.

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