Prometheus Wept

The problems with Prometheus are legion.  And better itemized by others.  It just astonishes me that a great director and couple really good writers (I’m not part of the Damon Lindelof of “Lost” fame lynch mob) could go so wrong.   My only guess is that they ran out of time to fix the egregious plot black holes and the head scratching WTF moments.

I leave you with my favorite “sacrifice logic for gratuitous gore” moment.

Two scientists, lost and completely freaked out, retreat to the main Engineer ballroom.  There they encounter some sort of phallic/vaginal have-we-left-out-any-genital-imagery snake/serpenty thing.   So, what do they do?

They poke it.  No, seriously.  They poke it.  Why?  Who the hell knows.  Guess what happens next…

Scientist splatter.  Red goo city.   Stupid, stupid scientists.

It’s quite an accomplishment when by the end the filmmakers have you rooting for the monsters to win.

Congratulations, Ridley.





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2 responses to “Prometheus Wept

  1. Robin Baker

    How can scientists who are supposed to be so smart, be so stupid?! Seems that’s a trope in a lot of this sclock.

  2. James Riendeau

    Robin: it’s because they spend most of their life learning more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing. Most PhD programs have dropped their breadth requirements long ago in the name of shortening academic careers and increasing productivity during their research careers. There’s also the problem of increasing aristocracy in academia, so chances are they had a nanny or stay-at-home mom growing up who took care of their every need/whim. You tend to lose the ability to handle everyday problems when you are waited on hand and foot as a child.

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