Mowing Outside the Lines

This is a rerun from 2010.  I think we blew a deadline and the syndicate had to substitute.

Nice job again by T.  Lot’s of fun Hammy expressions.

Some folks over at are upset to see a turtle up a tree.  Not natural.  So, thumbs, pockets and talking animals and trees are fine, but a turtle up a tree un-suspends their disbelief.




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2 responses to “Mowing Outside the Lines

  1. Dee Baker

    I have no problem with turtles in trees. Some (many) years ago I had a desert tortoise that I discovered five feet up the side of my house. She wanted in my garden which had a chicken wire fence. She discovered some huge Mexican pots beside the house and by bracing her back against the pots climbed the stucco wall. She was just inches away from falling six feet but she would have been in the garden!

  2. Rick

    The internet is a lot like a bird’s nest. It’s full of inexperienced, scraggly creatures that loudly complain, regardless of how good they’ve got it.

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