When I Was Short (1989-1992)

Found these samples online from my second syndicated strip, “When I Was Short.” I’ve been meaning to scan in some strips, but someone did it for me on a My Little Pony blog (no jokes).  Thank you SlateSlabrock.

I wrote the strip.  Guy Vasilovich, talented Disney animator (Fox and the Hound, Dark Cauldron), illustrated.  It was basically a comic strip version of “The Wonder Years.”  It had a huge launch in over 100 papers, but faded almost from the get go. My theory is it was too generic.

The gags below aren’t bad.  A little bland and soft, but basically solid.

Guy and I put together an animated pilot for Kids WB back in 1999.  Didn’t get picked up, but it’s not too bad either.  Some day I’ll transfer it to digital and post.  Some day.



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2 responses to “When I Was Short (1989-1992)

  1. I would love the one about Mason looking up to the sky and realizing how small he was…..and so was everyone else.

    It meant a lot to me, so much so that I use it as an explanation and means to quell anger of myself and others so often that I wish I could have it as a huge wall hanging. It was a Sunday strip. If you have it, know where I can get a copy or anything, please let me know.

  2. Amy Fisher

    The strip comparing childhood (long stretches of boredom punctuated by brief moments of panic) to adulthood (long stretches of panic interspersed with brief moments of boredom) was genius. Please let me know if it’s published or posted anywhere so I could see it again.

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