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A Silly-Off: Silly Putty vs Hammy

I tried to write this in real time on Twitter. Bad idea.

After failing on Twitter, I cobbled the above together out of spit and duct tape.

This is one of those cartooons where T pulled my butt out of the fire with some great (though odd) art.

Nutterbuns is mine though.

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You Can’t Eat Just Six Dozen

I’m embarrassed to say I just got my own Demon Herb double entendre.  Just shows that a blind cartoonist finds a gag once in awhile.


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Why Math Is Important

Time to retire the “I was never good at math” punchline. I’ve used it at least half a dozen times over 17 years.



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Blood, Sweet and Cheers

Dude!  Twinkies!

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The One Where RJ Sells His Soul For Twinkies

I know Hell exists.  I’ve been there.  In 2005, short of cash to fix an AC unit leaking freon, we spent a whole Texas summer without air-conditioning.

It’s NOT a dry kind of heat.


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The Sell Your Soul Diet

Today’s punch line derives from the belief that the soul has mass and at the time of death (or sale to a demon) the post-mortem (or post-sale) body when weighed will show a slight loss of weight when compared to the pre-mortem (or pre-sale) weight.  According to limited and suspect experiments conducted in 1907, the weight was supposed to be 21 grams.  The same as the title of the 2003 film, 21 Grams.  

21 grams is about 3/4 of an ounce.  Not a lot of weight loss.  You’d probably lose more weight if you just switched from grande to a tall latte.

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And a Demon Named Herb

The lack of color today is my fault. I had a health issue a few weeks back and got a few days behind.  Enough time to get the dailies in, not enough time to color them.

I’m fine.  Just a med interaction mix-up followed by EVERY MEDICAL TEST KNOWN TO MAN!  Some day I’ll write about my grand tour of our nation’s health care system.  Both good and bad.

Bottom line:  Our health system does a terrific job of killing butterflies with an extremely expensive bazooka.


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