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Stink or Treat

Verne suffers from a rare from of reptile eczema caused by an under secretion of his natural body slime.

It’s not his fault.

He’s just written this way.

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Butt On Backwards

Verne looks like he’s got his Iron Man mask on backwards.  And his shell.  And his feet.

T must be drawing at four in the morning again.  Lack of sleep has been known to lead to drowsy cartoonists making anatomical alterations in innocent reptiles.

Poor Verne. It’s hard to put up a good front with your ass on backwards.

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Must Flee TV

Someday there won’t be 500 channels.  There’ll be one channel. Your channel.  Where you get to decide what you want to watch when you want to watch it.

One channel. Lots of shows. No networks.


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Best Hammy Cartoon Ever


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Top 5 First World Problems of the Future

5.  If you keep making that face it will clone that way.

4.  Flying convertible car bird beaks in your teeth.

3.  Too many designer color choices for replacement organs.

2.  Do I go to my mother-in-law’s 126nd birthday party or send my hologram?

1.  Robot sex doll hacked with headache virus.


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Something’s Happening On the Bed!

I’m going to apologize up front if you clicked in here because I tricked you into following your baser instinct to find out what’s happening on the bed.

I really feel bad. Sort of bad. Kinda bad. A little bad. Mildly bad. Bad-ish.

Seriously almost bad-ish-like.


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No One Wants To See the Butt-Fu

This one made me LOL in that I’d-forgotten-I’d-written-it-so-it-was-fresh-to-me-kind-of-way.  You see, due to my Bud Light Lime besotted memory even I can enjoy my own strip like any regular fan.

This is NOT an endorsement of drinking and writing.  This is an endorsement of writing then drinking then forgetting then reading.

Carry on.

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