Cold Toes, Warm Bark


I’m getting sentimental and downright squee-ful in my old age. Cynicism and sarcasm are always the first to go.  Followed quickly on stage by multi-chins, gut spillage and butt sag.  And before you know it…

There go the pants.


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2 responses to “Cold Toes, Warm Bark

  1. Craig L

    Well, it’s a good thing that cynicism and sarcasm go before the pants. Because it’s never good to be pantsless AND sarcastic. But then, I always thought the memory was the first to go (or do I remember that right?); and if it is, you would have an excuse for re-using gags. And for forgetting pants.

  2. Skippy

    The first thing to go is eyesight the second is……..

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