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The Real Duck Dynasty

oh130731ZZ Top played a concert outside my dorm during my freshman year in college at Baylor University in 1977.  At the time, Baylor (a Southern Baptist school) was toying with loosening up their straight laced reputation (no dancing on campus) so as to appeal to a more diverse range of students (like me). Having ZZ Top play was an experiment — a short lived experiment after a cloud of pot wafted across the quad.

ZZ Top never played Baylor again.

I lasted three years before transferring to UT.

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Watch Out For Bass Flooding

oh130730The last panel was supposed to be RJ saying “bass flooding” was a near rhyme of flash flooding — which is a thing. Unlike “bass flooding” — which is not a thing. But T was not convinced that bass and flash were not near rhymes and made the above change unilaterally (though in this instance he did write me at 2:51 AM asking for clarification, but somehow I missed the email).

Bass/flash? Near rhyme, right?

Don’t answer that.

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oh130729I didn’t see Sharknado, but by any measure it has to be rated a huge success if only by the amount of social media buzz it’s generated. Of course there’ll be a Sharknado 2, and 3 and 4 and who knows how many.

This is a good thing. These days we don’t have enough collective water cooler moments to ridicule exploitative crap involving extreme weather and sharks.

Cue The Weather Girls:

It’s raining sharks! Hallelujah!


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Welcome Our Robot Surgery Overlords

oh130728Almost two months ago I had successful surgery to remove a benign colon polyp (along with 10 in. of colon). Today’s cartoon is a thank you to my surgeon, Dr. Francis Buzad.

Dr. Buzad operated on me with the Da Vinci Surgical System.

davinci_surgical_systemThe Da Vinci is a robotic surgery system where the surgeon sits in front of 3D-HD using a joystick and foot pedals. It was originally developed to be used  remotely, but is now used in over 2000 hospitals around the world. Doesn’t it kind of remind you of those alien abduction stories with the probes?

Here’s a video of Dr. Buzad doing a similar surgery (warning: graphic and confusing):

They made four 1 in. incisions in my abdomen and 1 two inch incision below my belly line (where the excised colon was removed). I went in the hospital on a Tuesday morning and went home Thursday evening.

Anyway, pretty cool, cutting edge stuff.  They found the polyp during a colonoscopy. Had I not had the surgery, the polyp was the type that would have developed into cancer.  Our lesson today: Get a colonoscopy when you turn 50 (or 40 if there is a family history of colorectal cancer). It could save your life.

Oh… Dr. Buzad was in the surgical suite with me.

And he didn’t wear flip-flops.


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Call of Duty: Teddy Bear Delta Force

oh130727I’d play Call of Duty: Teddy Bear Delta Force. Wouldn’t you?

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The One With Games Involving Sticks and Dirt

oh130726I’m not one of those “things were better back in the good old days.” Things weren’t better, they were just different. Well, one thing was better…

I was a lot younger.

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Watching Bad

oh130725While Hollywood films have been struggling, television is doing just fine. Take Sunday night right now.  I watch True Blood, The Newsroom, The Killing and Copper.  All really good.  Or, really good when Aaron Sorkin allows someone to reel him in and protect him from his worst tendencies. Also, The Bridge looks promising. I can’t wait for Breaking Bad to come back. I know Walt’s going down, I just don’t know how.

Anyway, now you know I watch a LOT of TV.  When I’m, you know, not writing Hedge or writing and drawing Odd Squad or directing shorts or staring at the ceiling and twiddling my thumbs.

Thumb twiddling being the universal signal to attract the muses.

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