St. Hedgewhere

oh131225I’m not going to speculate on what this means. That’s your job.


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3 responses to “St. Hedgewhere

  1. m

    “If you make a circle and include me out, I will make a bigger circle and include you in.” E.Dickinson (NOW it’s less foggy! … middle school … inhabited by secret spirit in time of angst ) Are we getting warmer?

  2. Richard Lindelof

    Then the camera pulls back to reveal Verne in his own globe being held by Michael, who also turns out to be in a snow globe held by Hammy, who just happens to be in a bowling alley and is set to go for a strike.

  3. Craig L

    I saw the “Twilight Zone” reference when I read this on GoComics, hours before you posted it here and commented (using an account where I had the ID “WendellWit”, that’s a long story)…

    “Twilight Zone? Or St. Elsewhere? Could it be that Over the Hedge is part of the Tommy Westphall Universe?

    In which case, we could see guest appearances by Sgt. Munch or Frasier Crane or Mr. Carlin or Dana Scully or Vin Scully or Alf or Buffy or Fred Ziffel…”

    As if watching Doctor Who kill off Matt Smith today doesn’t make it the holiday confusing enough… Just promise me if you ever end the HedgeComic, you don’t have Verne waking up next to Susanne Pleshette or R.J. moving away to become a lumberjack or Hammy eating onion rings and singing “Don’t Stop Believing” or the entire cast in a jail cell talking about shirt buttons, or.. damn, I’ve watched way too much TV.

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