He’s Got the Whole World On His Back

oh140824Yes, I’ve been reading Terry Pratchett’s “Discworld” series. Very enjoyable. Highly recommended.  It’s what I call “real” fantasy. Or fantasy staring real people.

And it’s very, very funny.



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3 responses to “He’s Got the Whole World On His Back

  1. oneswellfoop

    Yes, when I saw this comic, I shouted out “DISCWORLD!” confusing and annoying two of my apartment neighbors. Still, it is so refreshing to see a Pratchett reference where most comicstrippers would be doing Douglas Adams “Hitchhiker” references. (Nothing against Adams, but Pratchett’s longevity has provided many more laughs… I also enjoy when current sci-fi notable John Scalzi does Funny… the Star Trek deconstruction of “Redshirts” deserved its awards, but his long-ago self-published “Agent to the Stars” is the definitive ‘Aliens in Hollywood’ story – but I digress.)

    I look forward to your future musings on the Multiple Turtles Theory, which Stephen Hawking called “turtles all the way down”, but Dr. Seuss insisted had to have a top turtle (Yertle) and a bottom turtle (Mack)… of course we know which one Verne has to be.

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