RJ vs. Rocket: The Final Indignity.

oh140828I have a few of those plushies. You can still find them on Ebay and Amazon.  Without the squirt gun.



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2 responses to “RJ vs. Rocket: The Final Indignity.

  1. oneswellfoop

    I don’t know why R.J. should feel he has to compete with Rocket Raccoon. Hammy has done just fine without competing with Rocket J. “Rocky” Squirrel, not to mention Bob, Sandy Cheeks, Scrat, Slappy, Secret Squirrel, those “Nutty Squirrels” who were a cover band for the Chipmunks in the ’60s, or Squirrel Girl (who is rumored to be getting a major role in a future Marvel Movie).

    And Amazon still has a few plush R.J.’s available for $9.99 http://www.amazon.com/Dreamworks-Over-Hedge-Plush-Toy/dp/B0043ZB58O
    but only one Hammy for $29.99 http://www.amazon.com/Dreamworks-Over-Hedge-Plush-Toy/dp/B0043ZB58O …so who should he be jealous of now?

  2. Sly Cooper is coming out in a couple of years. Watch out!

    Interestingly, not voiced by Bradley Cooper.

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