oh150104Hive mind question: Can you have an unbalanced load with a front-loading washer?  Seems like you could, though maybe not as severe since gravity would distribute the load more efficiently.

This is good question for Randell Monroe over at XKCD.



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3 responses to “FA-BOOM!

  1. Jimbob

    Yes you can. I tried washing just my canvas coat. It nearly shook the apartment building off its foundation. What was surprising is there was no sensor to tell it to stop and display some sort of “unbalanced load” error on the LCD. It would have happily bounced out the door had I not been home.

  2. Janet

    mine shook so much that it sheared off the screws on the inside holding it all together. no sensor to make it stop. they came out and fixed it, now it actually stops spinning if it’s unbalanced too much.

  3. Billby

    mine senses the unbalance and slows down and goes back-and-forth to redistribute the load.

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