Over the Hedge Goes Blue

oh150227I forgot to send RJ the memo. Sorry.



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3 responses to “Over the Hedge Goes Blue

  1. …oooo…tourettes toad t-shirt…a good idea or merely fun to say….you be the judge…

  2. oneswellfoop

    Did you really go Blue and Black? Or just White and Gold?

  3. swordwhale

    Vultures barf (it’s really stinky, especially if you are driving to an educational program with one in a closed van…), beavers are incontinent (it’s kind of like picking up a 60 pound water balloon/hamster) and they poop in the water they swim in…

    Wildlife rehab volunteering was fun.

    Also, Bambi is dangerous; baby Bambis have four sets of sharp little knives (hoofies) and they know how to use them…

    Squirrels will climb you like a tree at warp 11… in a mad spiral of doom…

    And if a great horned owl has one set of talons on your glove and one on the perch, you are going nowhere…

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