The One With a Full Body Air Bag

oh150305Don’t they have cell phones? iPads? The internet? Maybe they’re both going off the grid. I’ll check and let you know what I find out.



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3 responses to “The One With a Full Body Air Bag

  1. oneswellfoop

    Or it’s possible that Verne keeps his cell phone in his back pocket so if he gets stuck on his back, it’s inaccessible.

    But then, I just interpreted this as them HAVING cell phones but never having exchanged numbers because (a) they’re always together and (b) they’re not REALLY friends.

    Or they don’t have cell phones because either (a) no opposable thumbs or (b) no credit history to open an account.

    I am SO overthinking this.

  2. m

    Actually, this amounts to a retrofit of the turtle. So good a strip. The ironic humor of late — is so poetic it almost defies words.

  3. oopsy

    what grid are we talking about here?

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