oh150420 One of the great things about being a cartoonist is you get to make up a lot of cool onomatopoeias. Like SPORF, MGNGHFORP and FWIB. And, of course, ROLPHORK: the sound your stomach makes when it’s craving a FWIB of ReadyWhip straight in the mouth.


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  1. oneswellfoop

    And I had thought ROLPHORK was a city in a fictional world created by Terry Pratchett… no, wait, that’s Ankh-Morpork, which you must admit, would make a good onomatopoeia/geeky reference. I must admit, I still get it confused with Haskell-Moorpark which is the intersection where the elementary school I attended in suburban Los Angeles is. (And yes, it is a near certainty that Leave It to Beaver character Eddie Haskell was named after Haskell St.)

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