Plan Nine From Over the Hedge

oh150429 The second panel is pretty cool. Even with the morie effect. I saw the movie Ed Wood, but I’ve never seen Plan 9. Is it as bad as everyone says or is it funny/bad? Sometimes unintentional comedy is funnier than intentional comedy.

Much like many episodes of Over the Hedge.


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2 responses to “Plan Nine From Over the Hedge

  1. Plan 9 isn’t as bad as you’ve been led to believe. A shoestring budget and some poor acting, and ok a plot that kind of falls apart really fast… but it doesn’t bog down. I’ve seen movies that felt like time stopped they were so bad… Plan 9 moves along really quickly, so even the bad stuff entertains.

  2. It’s terribly bad, but much of it in a funny way. If you are a movie buff it’s worth seeing.

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