The One With a Butt Nap

oh150515I like this one. It’s funny. Not LOL funny, but still funny.  And… it has butt in it. The ten year old in me really likes that. The ten year old in me is kind of a bully. But that’s another story. For my therapist.



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3 responses to “The One With a Butt Nap

  1. I’m familiar with reclining… but has anyone ever clined? It seems we are always REclining without having clined in the first place! How is that possible?

  2. oneswellfoop

    I think your first “cline” is when you are first put in a horizontal position after birth… everything after is re-cline. (and sadly, sometimes de-cline)
    Wikipedia says “In biology and ecology, an ecocline or simply cline describes an ecotone in which a series of biocommunities display a continuous gradient.” Which explains nothing.
    Then there’s Patsy Cline who was “Crazy” (the song) in 1961, and Ernest Cline, author of “Ready Player One”, whose personal site is a vintage-video-game playground.

  3. thedoodlingdino

    Haha, Hammy…

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