Kirkus Loves The Naughty List



A zany take on how Christmas happens aims straight for the middle-grade humor sweet spot.

The year her father moves to North Dakota pursuing an oil job, 12-year-old Bobbie Mendoza decides to ignore Christmas. Before this, Bobbie was a normal girl, but now she oozes ’tude: her favorite color is “black. Black goes with everything. Even me.” Among the other indignities of this year, the family’s inflatable Zombie Santa attacks Bobbie—resulting in a “stupid HOT PINK cast.” Bobbie’s decision to get younger Tad a 3D Mega Machine by any means necessary leads to her abduction by two elves, learning the truth about the evil keeper of the Naughty List, and discovering what Tad really wants for Christmas. Along the way Bobbie meets a less-than-admirable Santa in a North Pole redolent of refried beans, along with equally unconventional reindeer led by antler-sparking Larry (not the other one). The copious illustrations, black-and-white cartoons reminiscent of Fry’s comic strip, “Over the Hedge,” add fun, clarity, and (oddly enough) believability to the text. Despite the female main focus, boys will enjoy the story too.  References to butts, farts, and lead reindeer Larry’s incontinence will cause mirth and the occasional guffaw.

Readers of both genders will take to this original and hilarious story—so long as they do not still believe in Santa. (Fantasy. 10-13)

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2 responses to “Kirkus Loves The Naughty List

  1. Jennie

    I picked this book up today after running into Bradley Jackson at B&N. Curious about the “so long as they do not still believe in Santa” comment above…do I need to read this before giving to my son, who is currently on the fence about Santa? Thanks!

  2. Hi. Thanks for picking up Naughty List. Yes, I’d take a look first (you’ll enjoy it). We mess a bit with the traditional Santa, though not too much. He very much exists. We just suggest an alternate take on the North Pole, reindeer, elves, etc. It’s really no different from the Santa in Elf vs. The Santa Clause vs. the Polar Express. We think our Santa is the funniest, but that’s just us. Enjoy.

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