The Return of Sammy

oh150701Long time readers will recall that Hammy and Sammy traded places in the mirror back in ’05 or so. The reason for this was the movie. Although Sammy was the squirrel character in the strip at the time, the first screenwriter Len Blum used Hammy instead. Probably because he was referring to the Hammy from the first year of the strip (and in the first book) who became road kill and was buried in a pizza box. We switched Sammy back to Hammy so we could lay clear claim to the character as coming from our strip (even though we didn’t really have to since Hammy was in the strip, dead but still alive as far as merchandising rights are concerned).

And THAT’S…. more than you wanted to know.


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2 responses to “The Return of Sammy

  1. felinefan55

    Actually Michael I didn’t know of the comic strip until a few years AFTER I saw the movie, when I got gocomics & saw it listed there. In the comments people have referenced “Sammy”. Someone said you had to change the name because there is a “Sammy Squirrel” out there somewhere that’s copyrighted.

  2. Donna

    Welcome Back Sammy! We missed you!

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