Look Out Norway

oh150702Over the Hedge is big in Norway. The longest line we’ve ever had for a book signing was at a comics convention in Norway in 2006.

I have no idea what this means.

Scandinavians rock!


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One response to “Look Out Norway

  1. oneswellfoop

    All I know about Scandinavia I learned from comics.
    Mostly http://satwcomic.com/ because I don’t trust Marvel to get the Norse Gods right, especially when right next door in Finland, most of the mythology involves Spirit Animals http://www.minnasundberg.fi/artd.php
    That story includes a “Mrs. Squirrel (who) is old and tired and does not approve of all the trouble that youngsters these days just can’t seem to stop causing,” who Hammy would really enjoy annoying.

    But what I really want to know is what Rocky the Flying Squirrel thinks of this… after all, he requires a full-sized moose to launch him into flight. But then I also wonder what the Ninja Turtles think of Verne and what Rocket Raccoon thinks of R.J. (assuming Marvel does better with raccoons than it does with Norse Gods).

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