Chairman of the Bored

oh150706 Full disclosure: I stole today’s headline from a comment over at

I don’t think Donald Trump is really running because he’s bored. I think he’s running because he can’t help himself. And no one around him can help him either. It’s like he can’t actually hear the world “no” or “idiot” or “clown.” It’s like his hair is a reality distortion zone keeping common sense from entering his brain.

But if I can get a week of strips out of it it’s all good.



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2 responses to “Chairman of the Bored

  1. I believe Trump could be a plant… designed to show, by contrast, that the other candidates are more acceptable. That’s the only logical reason I have.

  2. oneswellfoop

    Be careful, Scott Adams may group you in with the anti-Trump “Outragists” (hashtag!)

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