He Said, “Deer Butt.”

oh150824(1) Deer are cute until they proliferate like bacteria on the condom dispenser in the men’s room at the Luling, TX Snarf-n-Go, Why do they call it a men’s room? It’s more like a men’s factory of evolutionary triggers of avoidance and danger. See. Smell. Die.

I digress.


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  1. oneswellfoop

    I live literally on the edge of wilderness (where we in California live in terror of wildfires… so far the biggest wildfire in the area was on the opposite side of the nearest city and spreading the opposite way), and there are deer around here, but they rarely enter the human-infested areas (thanks mostly to a batguano-crazy hunting neighbor who once ‘caught’ a deer with a spear-fishing gun. Ouch). But the most notable deer incident near me involved a crazy buck who came down to the lightly-used road to race with cars! His adventures ended when he took on a motorcyclist and a quarter-mile from me swerved and collided with it. Another neighbor heard the whatever-noise-that-made and found the biker trapped underneath his still-running cycle AND the no-longer-running deer. The neighbor was a hero for pulling him out… some second degree burns, while the deer… well, let’s just say the hero was rewarded with roasted venison that night.

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