The Bird Is the Word

oh150910We would not have been able to get away with this ten or fifteen years ago. Times have changed. Standards have fallen. Or risen. Depending on your point of view.  Is it cheap? Sure. But it’s also funny. Mostly ’cause you’re not used to seeing (or actually not seeing) vulgarity in this context.

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2 responses to “The Bird Is the Word

  1. oneswellfoop

    Maybe 10 years ago you might’ve gotten away with it if the black box had been big enough to cover Verne’s entire not-turtle-anatomically-correct hand, but the smaller box with the relevant finger just barely showing is catching up with TV’s ‘partially bleeped’ words that sound like “fu-BEEP”. Of course, ‘grawlix’ ( ) have long enabled a lot of verbal sweariness in comic strips. I was rather impressed when the tv show based on the ‘Dad Says’ tweets titled itself “$#*! My Dad Says” making it rather clear what they were substituting the symbols for. I think all “S-Word” grawlix should start with a $ (dollar sign) and “F-Word” grawlix should start with a £ (british pound).

  2. I will say this about that… I love South Park… but when I have watched the DVD/Blu-ray uncensored soundtracks it isn’t nearly as funny as the bleeped version. Not because I’m offended by the cursing… but somehow, the bleeps seem funnier as I have to use my imagination to figure what they probably said. Similarly… your strip is funnier with the black box than it would be if you could just show a “bird” there. Isn’t that an odd thing?

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