The Art of the Heel

oh150915I may have mentioned this before so bear with me. A few years back I was having a breakfast meeting in NYC with a private equity guy (trying to raise money for RingTales). He had recently played golf with The Donald. He explained that he watched Trump hit his drive into a sand trap. Then, when he thought no one was looking, Trump teed it up in the trap.

That’s all you need to know about Donald Trump.


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2 responses to “The Art of the Heel

  1. m

    Two things. Using the negative to create power, do we want that? Look at movie Abraham Lincoln and see the stage we were at and on, then. Are we now better, or veering toward the negativer/thought vacuumer.

  2. Trump is great for comedy and comic strips… but pretty much lousy for everything else. So, I’m torn! 🙂

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