Mars Feeds Matt

oh151019 Haven’t seen The Martian yet. But I did read the book. It was excellent, if a bit skimpy on the psychological toll of getting stranded on Mars. What I liked most about it was its cheerleading of science. Everything Matt does to get off Mars is rooted in real science.

Good stuff. Mike-Bob says check it out.



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3 responses to “Mars Feeds Matt

  1. Hollywood has spent for too much money rescuing Matt Damon from his ill-fated trips to outer space. At some point you just want the guy to settled down on a farm in Iowa. No, wait, that wouldn’t help either.

  2. oneswellfoop

    And not just rescuing Matt from space; he needed to be rescued from WWII in Saving Private Ryan. And there was a ‘rescue’ plotline in the beginning of one of the Bourne movies. The guy just can’t stay out of trouble.

    And nobody told the guys that Ben Affleck has become Batman? But then, that would simplify the ‘rescue Matt Damon’ issue significantly.

  3. Nobody ever rescues Ben Affleck from anything… he’s on his own… but Matt Damon gets in a bind? ALL our resources go into finding him! 🙂

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