The One With a Commodore 64

oh151021 I apologize for being mean to NASA. They’re a government agency and doing the best they can dealing with the lowest bidders.  I’m sure they’ve graduated to a Mac IIcx (my first computer) by now.



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3 responses to “The One With a Commodore 64

  1. Actually, most of the computers used by NASA would seem out-dated to people carrying around iPhones. But the reality is the rigours of launch and operation in outer space means that the latest technology is too fragile.

  2. oneswellfoop

    Don’t diss the C64. I acquired one when it was 1/3 the price of an Apple2 (or AppleII or Apple][) and it did the job for me until I could afford an IBM/Windows ‘clone’ which taught me just enough to be the most computer-literate in a fairly dumb office. Never was really ahead of the curve, but it was nice to feel that way for a while.

  3. Actually… what the world doesn’t know… is that Photoshop was invented for the Commodore 64 and runs far better on it than it does on modern computers. It’s a conspiracy between PC manufacturers and Adobe that require you to buy Photoshop every year AND buy new computers… when they really perfected Photoshop for the C-64 back in the early 1980s! 🙂

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