Mossy the Mowman

Over the Hedge

Over the Hedge

We’ve started up another firestorm over at Our inexplicably right wing cranky audience (or at least the commentators) has their panties in a twist over Verne’s plainly evident description of climate change. Is it possible that 2% of climate scientists are correct that mankind has a minimal effect on carbon emissions? Yes, it’s possible. It’s just not probable. And it’s certainly not enough to ignore policy prescriptions.


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3 responses to “Mossy the Mowman

  1. Judy Waddle

    Explained climate change quite concisely.

  2. oneswellfoop

    Have I mentioned before that’s why (1) I’m glad you also post your cartoons here and (2) while I read your comic and select others there (I’m usually awake and bored when they update at 10PM Pacific), I NEVER get into comments.
    It must be noted, as stated in a far better discussion forum than,
    ExxonMobil did its own private research almost 30 years ago that proved TO THEM the same thing. In spite of that, they have continued pursuing a Business Model to essentially maximize the damage. I have two theories why: Either they intend when we all die to be the ones who die with the most stuff, or they have secret long-term plans to profit from it. Never underestimate the banality of evil.

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