Ranger Rick RIP

oh160208This comment on gocomics cracked me up.

So… The death of Mr. Ranger Rick (along with the deaths of other celebrities) is mentioned here just to set up a so-so joke, or is there some truth to it.

(And yes, I’m aware that fictional characters can’t really die.)

In other words, “Is there any truth to your lie (that I know is a lie)?”

Maybe I should be worried when the comments are funnier than the cartoon.


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2 responses to “Ranger Rick RIP

  1. m

    People who say you can’t improve on tacos (make the shell out of crunchy bacon) or a Twinkie (stuff it in the bacon taco shell) are just not frying hard enough.

  2. oneswellfoop

    Considering your lead time, it’s a shame you couldn’t include Abe Vigoda (but maybe there will be another comic specifically about him?) Not that you want to make it a habit of doing comments about dead celebrities (especially considering how many keep dying this year) but come on, Abe Vigoda!

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